Sexual Assault Services at Vanderbilt Student Health Center

The Student Health healthcare providers are trained in the medical evaluation and treatment of all students who have sustained a sexual assault.  Our providers are also a confidential source. Students should call 615-322-2254 and request a same-day appointment. 

Services provided include:

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam:

This is an exam done for the purpose of the collection of evidence in the event that involvement of the police and legal authorities (now or later) is desired.  It is done by a trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).  The exam is optional, and you can still receive medical care, even if you choose not to have the exam.  You may also choose to have only part of the exam and may decline any portion. We recommend this exam within 120 hours (5 days) after an assault, but the earlier the better. If it has been longer than 5 days since the assault, please call us to discuss this with your medical provider.

What We Recommend Before an Exam:

  • Do not bathe or shower
  • Bring clothes worn during the assault to exam. Place clothing in a paper bag if possible. Remember to bring a pair of new clothing if you are still wearing the clothes from the assault, as items of clothing might be taken for evidence 
  • Try not to eat or drink anything 
  • If you have done the above, it is okay and very common. We can still do an exam if you choose 


There is no charge for the exam or any medical treatment that is related to the assault received at the Student Health Center. 

Medical Exam:

We recommend anyone who has experienced an assault to meet with one of our medical providers, even if you choose not to have a sexual assault forensic exam done.  Your provider can:

  • Assess for any medical injuries or concerns you might have 
  • Evaluate your risk and offer STD testing treatment or testing, including assessment for post exposure prophylaxis for HIV 
  • Offer Emergency Contraception if needed 
  • Offer support and guidance for resources


The decision to report to law enforcement is entirely up to you.  We are here to support you with whatever decision you make.  Remember, you can always see a medical provider even if you choose not to report to law enforcement. You have several options of reporting:

Anonymous/Non-Report: If you choose this option, then you can have the forensic exam done, but do not have to file a report with law enforcement at this time, and no identifying information will be given.  The evidence will be held for a period of time, while you make your decision.

Law Enforcement: If you choose this option, then you can have the forensic exam, and your evidence kit will be turned over to law enforcement for an investigation to be initiated. Police are contacted and will meet with you to file your report.


An advocate can also be present to provide support and information during this process, and to help you decide what is the best plan for you.  Advocates are on campus from Project SAFE and are trained to offer guidance if you choose to meet with them.  To contact Project SAFE, call 615-322-SAFE (7233).

Resources & Referrals (as guided by the student’s desires) to other on-campus resources, including:

            University Counseling Center

            Project Safe  (Center for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response)

            Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center 

            K.C. Potter House

            Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity

            Vanderbilt Police Department