How much will my visit cost?

The Vanderbilt Student Health Center receives part of its funding from your tuition and Health Fee dollars.  There are no office-visit co-pays for most routine visits, but students will incur small charges for some medications that are dispensed; there are also small co-pays associated with some office procedures (such as colposcopy).  Many of the supplies, medications or in-house lab tests are free of charge.  If charges are incurred, credit cards and the Commodore Card may be used for payment at the Student Health Center .  Cash is not accepted as a method of payment.
Some lab tests are not performed at the Student Health Center and are sent to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and billed to the student's health insurance company by the Medical Center.  In addition, when a student is referred to a specialist outside of the Student Health Center, charges incurred are billed by that clinic to the student's health insurance company.  Any amount remaining after health insurance has paid its share is the student's responsibility.  If a student has an Emergency Department visit after-hours because of a serious illness or injury, the Medical Center will bill the student and his/her/their insurance company.  Please note that bills incurred outside of Student Health (such as some lab tests,  x-rays, specialists, or the Emergency Department) are billed by the Medical Center and NOT by Student Health.

Sports Medicine specialists from the Medical Center come to Student Health for the convenience of the students, but these visits are not free of charge: the Sports Medicine specialists will bill the insurance on file for the student.  The applicable co-pays will be billed by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (not Student Health) after the visit.