Immunization and TB Compliance 

All incoming students are required to submit immunization records and tuberculosis (TB) information in order to register for classes prior to coming to Vanderbilt.  These records must contain university and state-mandated vaccinations administered at proper intervals and the completion of a TB screening survey and possible testing.  Our forms also include sections to list your demographic information including emergency contacts, and health history information that may be useful on your first visit to Student Health.  Due dates are listed on the forms.

Select the appropriate form for your type of enrollment, print it out, and follow the New Student Checklist on this page:

If you are unable to have a provider complete our form (for example- you don't have a provider or are unable to get an appointment by our deadline), copies of other acceptable immunization documents that you may submit include: 

  • Official State/County Immunization Documents 
  • Official signed/stamped/certified Medical Records (including immunizations and/or lab reports)
  • Yellow Book / Immunization Cards from your country of origin (must be in English) 

However, you are still required to complete the TB requirements based on your screening survey results or admit type.