Immunization Requirements for New Students

Immunization and TB Compliance 

The health and safety of our Vanderbilt community is our highest priority.  Therefore, all incoming students are required to submit immunization records and tuberculosis (TB) information in order to register for classes prior to coming to Vanderbilt.  These records must contain state-mandated vaccinations administered at proper intervals and the completion of a TB screening survey.

The Compliance Requirements Table below gives an overview of what is required for each student based on their degree plan.  

Summer & Fall 2024 Compliance Requirements for Registration (Click here for more detail)

  MMR   Varicella   Men.
ACYW Vaccine 
age 16+
Hepatitis B  Tdap   TB Redcap
TB Blood
Undergraduate X X X     X only if app.
Graduate X X       X only if app.
Nursing X X   X X X X
on/after 5/1/24
School of Medicine X X   X
Program Dependent 
on/after 4/1/24

Now that I know what is required, what is the next step?
For your convenience, we accept our Student Health Center Forms (below) that specify requirements for your enrollment type and require a healthcare provider to complete.  Our forms include demographic, emergency contact, and vaccine information to be recorded in your VUMC medical record in advance of arrival on campus.  


You may submit existing immunizations documents that you might already have, as long as the requirements are met.  Examples of official documents below include the following:

  • State/County Immunization Documents  
  • Signed/stamped/certified Medical Records (including childhood immunization records and/or lab reports)
  • Yellow Book / Immunization Cards from your country of origin (must be in English)
  • Copies of CDC cards for COVID-19 Documentation (for continuity of care)


Don't forget to upload the .pdf of the TB survey page-- even if it states "no testing is needed".
After completion of the survey, submit to the redcap survey data base, save to your computer documents -AND- upload the .pdf to the Student Health Portal.   

Reminder, you must meet state requirements in order to register for classes at Vanderbilt University.