Immunization Requirements

All incoming students are required to complete an  Immunization Requirements Form that includes information regarding university and state-mandated vaccinations, as well as information on other strongly recommended vaccinations. This form also contains important health history information that allows the staff at the Student Health Center to better serve your needs.  

Please select the appropriate Immunization Requirements Form for your type of enrollment:

If you are unable to have a provider complete the above form, other acceptable immunization documents that you may submit include: 

  • Official State Immunization Documents (copies are acceptable)
  • Official signed or certified Medical Records (copies are acceptable)
  • Yellow Book /Immunization Cards from your country of origin in English (copies are acceptable).
Review and approval of your immunization documents by the Student Health Center is required for class registration.  Please submit your records early and allow 7 business days for processing.


Waivers from immunization requirements are only allowed for documented personal/religious or medical exemptions and these must be approved by the University before a student is allowed to register. This waiver process is a collaborative effort between the Student Health Center and the Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Department at Vanderbilt University; this evaluation can take 3-4 weeks to complete, so we encourage all students to submit their materials as early in the process as possible.  Submit an initial letter of request and supporting documentation via the student health portal or by fax to Dr. Jonna Whitman at the Student Health Center at 615-343-0047.  You will then be contacted by phone.