Mirnics Laboratory

We are a productive, NIH-funded laboratory at the Department of Psychiatry and Kennedy Center for Human Development at Vanderbilt University. We believe that the successful researcher should work hard, be smart, plan ahead, be honest, play by the rules, respect co-workers and have a happy and fulfilling private life outside the work environment.

Director - Karoly Mirnics, MD


Krassimire Garbett, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
Amanda Mitchell, Laboratory Technician


  1. Gene expression profile of schizophrenia 
  2. Presenilin-dependent transcriptome changes 
  3. Effects of environmental exposure on gene expression 
  4. Neuroprotection by environmental enrichment and physical activity 
  5. Transcriptome changes across complex human brain disorders

For more information, visit the Mirnics Laboratory website.