Psychiatry Grand Rounds 5/28 Michael Halassa, MD, PhD

Halassa GR

12:00 noon CDT | via Zoom Webinar

"Thalamocortical interactions in cognitive control and flexibility"


Interactions between the thalamus and cortex are critical for normal cognition. Although classical theories emphasize its role in transmitting signals to or between cortical areas, recent studies show that the thalamus modulates cortical function through additional mechanisms. In this talk, I will discuss findings that highlight the role of the mediodorsal (MD) thalamus in regulating prefrontal excitatory/inhibitory balance and effective connectivity during decision making. I will present unpublished data showing that the MD thalamus dynamically adjusts prefrontal evidence integration according to incoming stimulus statistics. In that manner, distinct thalamocortical interactions optimize decision making under different types of task uncertainty. Given that MD-PFC interactions are known to be perturbed in schizophrenia, these findings may be relevant to suboptimal management of uncertainty that leads to aberrant beliefs. If time allows, I will present early collaborative work in that domain.

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 May 28 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Halassa

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