Jennye Laws-Woolf
January 8, 2021

Addiction Case Conference

Friday January 8 12:00 noon CST | via Zoom Webinar

"ADHD, stimulants, and addiction treatment"



Individuals with symptoms or prior diagnoses of ADHD present frequently for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Despite having effective ADHD pharmacotherapy,  it is often unclear whether a monitored stimulant trial would benefit or harm this group. Concerns of diversion or misuse of the prescribed controlled substance also complicate decision-making. 
Current clinical practice has tended to defer ADHD medication trials until the pattern of substance use is “more stable”—often hoping that what appears to be ADHD will resolve with abstinence. This approach is problematic, since we know ADHD is prevalent in the SUD population—affecting 25% of those seeking treatment—and its symptom burden negatively affects a person’s ability to attend appointments, take medication, and prioritize long-term goals, alongside other functions required to benefit from treatment. 
Here, we will use a clinical case to review the neurobiological, epidemiological, and diagnostic overlap between SUD and ADHD. A summary of accumulated evidence for pharmacologic treatment of ADHD in the SUD population will be reviewed, including new evidence for improved short- and longer-term retention in outpatient addiction treatment. Finally, we will briefly review of the risk calculus for stimulant prescribing in ADHD and SUD populations, focusing on risk of non-medical use and risk-mitigating treatment frames.


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The archived webinar can be viewed at the link below:

  Jan 8 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | Addiction Case Conference

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