Voucher Funds

VICTR Funding Program:


Voucher Activation Process:

VICTR vouchers are activated in iLab via an overnight feed from the StarBRITE application. The recipient of the voucher must have a VUMC Lab Group and be assigned as PI of the lab group.

Troubleshooting: If you cannot see your voucher in iLab, please contact the VUMC Office of Research support team at VUMCcores@vumc.org. To resolve, we will need the voucher redemption ticket associated with your award. The ticket will reference the VICTR award number (VR) and the name of the individual that received the award.

To view voucher information:
PIs and Lab Managers can view the following information for each awarded voucher in the PI's fund grid. 

  • Voucher Number (V0000012345)
  • Expiration Date
  • Core Name
  • Remaining Balance

How to purchase VUMC core services using voucher funds?

Vouchers are core specific. Investigators can only use the voucher to purchase services from the assigned VUMC Core Facility.

  • Once activated, the PI or Lab Manager will need to assign access to the voucher fund for the lab manager and any lab members within the PI's fund grid.  Start by clicking "My Groups" in the left-hand navigation panel to open the fund grid. 
  • Select the PI's VUMC Lab Group when requesting core services or reservations.
  • In the payment information section, the Billing Number option will be automatically displayed. The voucher should display as an option.


Available Balance:  The remaining balance includes all invoiced activity and any pending billing charges (iLab service quotes or upcoming reservations).