General Neurology

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The General Neurology Division oversees a wide array of neurologic conditions, and is often the first point of contact for some of the most unique and complicated cases that walk in the door. As such, faculty and staff in this division are experienced to manage such cases, but also have access to collaborate with all other sub-specialties on a regular basis. Access to highly specialized professionals enables VUMC Neurology to provide an exceptionally high level of care for even the most challenging cases. In addition to expert consultation, access to VUMC’s testing and imaging facilities, clinical trials, treatment options, etc. benefit patients, trainees, faculty, collaborators, and researchers.

Many patients who seek consultation and care from General Neurology have not yet received a diagnosis for their conditions, which might present with weakness, tingling, tremor, numbness, neuropathy, stroke, seizures, etc. Hence the members of the division dedicate themselves to uncovering the underlying problems causing debilitating symptoms. While some of these patients are referred to other Neurology divisions for more specialized care, others continue to be followed by General Neurology. 

Approximately half of patients followed by General Neurology suffer headache, and the division offers ongoing management for headache and migraine sufferers. More on headache management

Research HighlightsResearch Highlights

General Neurology has access to research and clinical trials enrolling by other Neurology divisions. 

EducationEducation & Training

Trainees will gain experience diagnosing and managing a wide array of complex neurologic conditions while collaborating with faculty and staff across the department.

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