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A sense of wellness – both personal, professional - is vital to a vibrant academic environment, which is why it is a core value at throughout VUMC and part of our “Pillar Goals”. The Department of Neurology formed our own Wellness Committee in 2017  to achieve these goals.

Our core aim is to foster an environment in which trainees, faculty, staff can all say to themselves

  • My work is meaningful and my own creation
  • I have the personal and environmental resources I need.
  • The person next to me is in the same boat…. and we are going places!

Resource Page

VUMC has a rich array of wellness resources including

  • Finding your people for support and interest-based affinity group
  • Managing both acute and chronic stressors at work and home
  • Ideas for fun, extracurricular activities (with some discounts!)

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Katherine Jordan

Katherine Jordan

Lead Administrative Assistant

Credo Behavior:

Pillar Goals:
People, Service, Quality, Growth, Innovation

Nomination 1: Katherine is always willing to go above and beyond her normal job duties to ensure that tasks are completed. She is very responsive and takes initiative to find answers. Recently, she single handedly entered approx 25 RDCs and 25 EDCs. She did this quickly and accurately. Katherine maintained an exceptional attitude. She is a valuable asset to our department.

Nomination 2: Katherine is doing a phenomenal job with the promotions committee. She is on top of everything. She is so organized and helpful. She has a pulse on all of the relevant documents and makes the entire process run very smoothly.


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