Our mission is to provide high quality administrative functions for the Department of Neurology faculty, staff, and learners. We are committed to excellence in service and we value and embrace diversity in all we do.  Areas of expertise include communications, finance and accounting, pre and post award, and human resources and payroll services.

Amy Martens, MBA
Chief Business Officer
(615) 875-7909 

Natalie Warner
Assistant to the Chair
(615) 936-3225

Administrative Operations

Operations Administrative Officer
Amy Diatikar

Lead Administrative Assistant
Rhonda Gourley

Lead Administrative Assistant
Sandhya Natti
Teleneurology, Hospitalists

Senior Administrative Assistant
Nicole Wampler
Movement Division
(615) 875-0875

Senior Administrative Assistant
Sandy Watkins
Neuroimmunology Division /Multiple Sclerosis Center
(615) 322-4099

Senior Administrative Assistant
Rosemary Madill
Neuro-Oncology, Epilepsy, Stroke Divisions
(615) 936-5290

Senior Administrative Assistant
Sherrie Maxwell
Stroke Division
(615) 936-1354

Senior Administrative Assistant
Missy Polson
Epilepsy Division
(615) 322-5857

Administrative Assistant
Natalie Casselberry
Neuro Cognitive Division
(615) 875-7160

Administrative Assistant
Courtnie Dunn
General Neurology, Neuroimmunology and Movement Divisions

Administrative Assistant
Peggy Pearson
Sleep Division
(615) 322-0283

Administrative Assistant
AnnaMarie Souvannarath
General Neurology & Stroke Divisions

Research Operations

Administrative Officer of Research
Trish Herring

Grants Manager
Samantha Stansel

Grants Manager
Ashley Phillipps

Research Financial Analyst
Nikki Jones

Research Financial Analyst
Mary Morgan

Human Resources

Business Process Manager: Faculty HR
Katherine Jordan

Lead Administrative Assistant: Staff HR
Chelsea Mundy
(615) 936-2025


Senior Financial Analyst
Mark Dempsey

Program Managers

Laura Hall

Stroke, Movement Disorders, and Sleep Medicine Fellowships
Mary Lamons

Francesca Rutherford

Epilepsy, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular, Cognitive
Megan Mack
(615) 875-3323

Quality Improvement, Research, and Medical Education
Kelly Harper
(615) 322-2538