Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center! As the Margaret and John Warner Professor and Chair of Neurological Education, it’s an honor to introduce our faculty and staff, as well as the many areas of patient care, research, and education to which we dedicate our work. Vanderbilt is a collegial institution, and our department reflects this by fostering an environment of trust, transparency, inclusion, and collaboration. We are committed to developing new programs that incorporate novel technology and clinical innovation into the personalized care of our patients, while enabling our physicians and scientists to continue to make discoveries that change the way we understand and treat neurological disease. Our residency and fellowship programs are training the next generation of leading neurologists, who are improving and expanding Vanderbilt’s impact and prestige nationwide. I am proud of all we have accomplished thus far, and I’m eager to witness what the future of the Department of Neurology will contribute to the world. I invite you to explore our website, meet our faculty, and learn more about the important initiatives underway in each of our subspecialty areas.

Dane Chetkovich MD, PhD

Dane Chetkovich, MD, PhD
Professor and Chairman of Neurology