Inpatient and Emergency Neurology

Beginning in August 2018, the Department of Neurology initiated a dedicated inpatient service covering inpatient consults 7 days a week with seasoned veteran neurohospitalists working with Vanderbilt residents. The service allows for optimal availability of consultations and consistency in care. It has become a model system for inpatient care throughout VUMC.

Beginning in July 2020, we combined Consult, General Inpatient, and Emergency Neurology services into an expanded Inpatient and Emergency Neurology division, which has become one of the busiest divisions in the department and one of the busiest services at Vanderbilt University Hospital, seeing over 6,000 new consults per year.

From 2020 to the present the service has continued to grow in provider numbers and service volume with participation of subspecialists to further enhance expert neurologic care. With a new critical care tower under construction and needed expansion of Emergency Department space and staff, the service will continue to expand, delivering excellence in acute care and hospital neurology.

Education & TrainingEducation & Training

The Inpatient and Emergency Neurology faculty manages the consult, inpatient, and emergency neurology care alongside junior and senior residents. The faculty service allows for protected time for residents to engage in didactic work such as conferences, Grand Rounds, and other tasks. Residents gain invaluable training and hands-on experience through the service. 

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