Mindful Breaks

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NEW! Pop-up Stretch Breaks! You deserve a break! Drop-in for a quick stretch break each Wednesday between 12-12:30pm on the Medical Center Plaza (beginning December 9) outside of the Au Bon Pain and VUH entrances. Look for the Stretch Break sign! (Inclement weather site is Light Hall, Room 214 and will be posted on the signage on the Plaza)

Boost Your Mental Health and Well-being

 Boost Your Mental Health and Well-being Chad Buck, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, at Work/Life Connections-EAP, shares six strategies to boost mood, build resilience, and increase happiness: 1.) Make face-to-face social connections a priority, 2.) Stay active, 3.) Learn to manage stress, 4.) Eat a brain-healthy diet, 5.) Get enough sleep, 6.) Invest in activities that give your life meaning.

Healthier Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

The words “holiday” and “stress” do not belong together. A holiday is supposed to be a time when a person relaxes, participates in fun activities, gets some distance from day-to-day hassles, and spends time with family or loved ones. The reality is that even positive events can cause stress, and demands or changes in routine are often unavoidable. Even though the holidays tend to be more stressful than restful, there are ways to manage stress and make room for more enjoyment. 10 healthy ways to manage the negative stress you might experience this holiday season: