Mitigating Pandemic Burnout

​We've all been weathering the impact of a two-year pandemic that continues to affect our lives and requires constant adaptations. Childcare, eldercare, social connections, travel, conferences, and our general way of life has changed. Even the most resilient individuals working in healthcare and education are struggling with some level of burnout. The intensity of caring for patients during a pandemic, the demands often exceeding the staffing resources, constant changes, the unexpected deaths related to COVID, and level of emotional exhaustion is real.

Issue 385, 2018 October/November (Medical Center Edition)

This issue (Medical Center Edition) includes: Complete Go for the Gold by October 31 Care Gap Alerts with Vandana Abramson, MD Passion at Work with Jerry Jones, MPA, AEMT Breast Cancer Awareness Expo & Hold the Stuffing Return Take Time for a Benefits Checkup Express Care Clinic Available for Faculty and Staff Issue 385, 2018 October/November (Medical Center Edition)