Hold the Stuffing

Health Plus
August 29, 2017

​Celebrate good health each winter holiday season with the Health Plus Hold the Stuffing Challenge. Take the holiday challenge to maintain weight from November – January and earn rewards. How it Works: Do an initial weigh-in prior to Thanksgiving (November 7-21) and receive healthy holiday recipes and tips to help you celebrate good health. Return for a final weigh-in after New Year's Day (January 2-18). Weigh-in locations are listed below.

Vandy Walks

Health Plus
April 13, 2016

Looking for the perfect lunch break? Join Vandy Walks for a guided walk around Vanderbilt. Each walk has a fascinating theme, interesting sights, and involves a lovely stroll. Led by faculty and staff, Vandy Walks is a walking series brought to you by Health Plus and the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center. Faculty and staff are encouraged to log activity with the Start! Physical Activity Program.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Health Plus
February 25, 2016

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month.
 Join with Vanderbilt to:
 Know the facts.
 Honor and remember loved ones.
 Get screened at 50 or motivate others to get screened.
 Colorectal cancer is a cancer that starts in the colon or rectum and is the third most common type of cancer in men and women in the United States.  

Check Weight and Blood Pressure With Higi On Campus and Across the Country

Health Plus
July 7, 2015

Understanding and tracking weight and blood pressure is an important part of wellness. A record of readings taken over time can provide you and your healthcare provider a clearer picture of your numbers. It can be like a time-lapse picture or movie, providing information on what is happening with your numbers over time.