The Depression and Diabetes Connection

Occupational Health Clinic
October 5, 2018

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 Shaina Farfel with Occupational Health talks with Dr. Chad Buck, Clinical Psychologist at Vanderbilt Work/Life Connections - EAP, about why diabetes may increase your risk for depression.

Annual TB Testing for Employees Streamlined

Occupational Health Clinic
June 25, 2018

Based on National Infection Control (CDC) Guidelines, a significant subset of employees no longer need annual TB testing!  The Department of Infection Prevention and Occupational Health recently did a risk assessment for cases of active, contagious tuberculosis throughout the Medical Center, and have identified that many areas can be classified as “low risk”.  Areas are considered low risk when they care for fewer than 6 TB patients/year in hospitals or fewer than 3 TB patients/year in outpatient clinics.