Annual TB Testing for Employees Streamlined

Based on National Infection Control (CDC) Guidelines, a significant subset of employees no longer need annual TB testing!  The Department of Infection Prevention and Occupational Health recently did a risk assessment for cases of active, contagious tuberculosis throughout the Medical Center, and have identified that many areas can be classified as “low risk”.  Areas are considered low risk when they care for fewer than 6 TB patients/year in hospitals or fewer than 3 TB patients/year in outpatient clinics. Healthcare personnel in these areas only require TB screening at the time of hire and if an exposure were to occur. Routine, annual TB testing is not recommended nor is it required.  All individuals for whom this applies have been directly notified via email of this change, as have supervisors of these areas.

Infection Prevention and Occupational Health continue to track exposure to cases of infectious tuberculosis, and Occupational Health will continue to contact any employee who needs TB testing related to an exposure in the future.  Individuals who no longer need it will not receive notifications regarding annual TB testing, and it will no longer be a compliance requirement for them.

For full details of the CDC’s guidance and the risk assessment results, please see the “VUMC TB Risk Assessment 2017” on the Department of Infection Prevention website under “VUMC Infection Prevention Guidelines” on the left side-bar (log in required