Return to Work Program


The Return to Work Program allows you to continue working after a job-related illness or injury even when you cannot do all of your regular duties. This lets you continue working, earning pay, receiving benefits and lets you save your accrued time-off for other needs.

Individuals with work-related injuries who need temporary work restrictions are automatically enrolled in the program unless they opt to take medical leave.

If you are seen in the Occupational Health Clinic, we will know about your restrictions and will enroll you. If your medical provider is not in OHC, bring a copy of your restrictions to OHC or fax it to 615-936-0966, and we will enroll you. Remember to send us a copy of your restrictions after every medical appointment. All restrictions must be in writing.

The Return to Work Program is a great benefit for employees who have been hurt on the job, because studies show that people recover more quickly and have less disability when they are able to remain active and in the workplace. You may also choose to take medical leave instead. If you choose to take medical leave, apply for FMLA as you normally would. Opting to take leave could affect your worker's comp benefits, so you may want to discuss this choice with Human Resources and Risk Management before you apply.

Please call the Return to Work Coordinator at 615-936-0955 if your supervisor cannot find modified duty for you. We will make every effort to help your supervisor find suitable work within your department.

When you recover, you must have a written release from your medical provider so that everyone knows it's safe for you to return to full duty.

You may be in the program for up to 90 calendar days per work-related injury or illness. If you restrictions last more than 90 days, you may need a long-term plan. The Return to Work Coordinator will ask Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Office (EAD), which is Employee Relations for VUMC employees and Equal Opportunity and Access for Vanderbilt employees, to help you and your supervisor decide the next step.

If you have any questions you may call OHC at 615-936-0955.

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