Jay Morrison, MSN, RN

nursing leader
Jay Morrison, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Practice
Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital

Since coming to Vanderbilt, I have worked as a staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, and unit board chair (started the 8N Unit Board). I eventually transferred to the CCU and became the CCU Educator after being mentored by a great leader. My career then took me to Vanderbilt System Support, Quality, Safety and Risk Prevention (QSRP), where I became the manager of the Adult Performance Management and Improvement (APMI) team and the quality consultant for Medicine, Heart, Oncology and Women's Patient Care Center (PCC). I then transitioned into my current role.

The best part of being a nurse leader is that because of the work I see daily, the feedback from patients, regulatory agencies, and quality reporting groups. Working alongside these folks helps everyone elevate their strengths and learn to address their weaknesses.