Committee/Council Details

As a VUH nurse, we encourage you to participate in committees and share your voice! The VUH-wide committees noted below help shape our culture and practice through collaboration and collective knowledge sharing. We encourage you not only to join a committee, but to actively participate, contribute your unique perspective, and bring the knowledge you gain back to your peers in your individual work areas. We value diverse opinions, innovative ideas, and a collaborative attitude. Committee membership is an opportunity to become more involved in the decisions that affect your work. Each committee has representation including executive nursing leaders, unit or area managers, local content experts, and other various roles. Please work with your unit or area leader to determine if there is a committee that will work for you and your team so you can help us improve!



pic Shared Governance Committee
pic EBP and Nursing Research Committee


pic Adult Enterprise Patient Education Committee (APEC)
pic Adult Medication Use Safety Improvement Committee (MUSIC)
pic Clinical Practice Committee
pic Falls Prevention Committee
pic Nurse Informatics Committee
pic Nursing Performance Improvement (NPIC)
pic Nurse Retention Committee
pic Workplace Violence Prevention Committee


pic Nursing Diversity Council