Preceptors have the unique opportunity to have a profound impact on preceptee’s introduction to the healthcare field and their career development.  Becoming a new staff member at VUMC comes with a world of uncertainty as time management, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning becomes imperative in safe and effective patient care.  Being a successful preceptor requires solid patient care and strong skill sets, but also an understanding of key principles of adult learning, facilitating assessment and evaluation of the learning, and giving effective feedback.

Here at VUMC we strive for patient and family-centered care and want preceptors to assist the new staff in developing a holistic view of the patient and understanding multiple aspects of effective care delivery.

Preceptor support for patient-centered care includes:

  • Strong communication skills by active listening and creating a network of trust
  • Respect patients as unique and whole individuals
  • Importance of interprofessional teamwork
  • Clear and concise expectations
  • Follow up and re-emphasizing these expectations throughout the entire orientation process
  • Provide guidance for available resources

The Preceptor Program at VUMC is multifaceted:

  • Preceptor Concepts
  • Advanced Preceptor Concepts
  • Preceptor On-Demand Education
  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Preceptor Tools & Resources


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Nursing Education Specialist - Central Team,
Nursing Education and Professional Development






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