Student Recreation Center
The Student Health Center works with the Student Recreation Center to promote wellness at Vanderbilt. Student Health is a co-sponsor of the Wellness Newsletter and the annual Wellness Bash.

Office of Housing and Residential Experience
Student Health works with Housing to promote health education and awareness, as well as to improve the overall health of students on campus. Student Health and Housing sponsor a flu shot program to help reduce the number of influenza cases on campus. In addition, VU SHC and Housing work together to promote alcohol awareness at Vanderbilt.

Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
Student Health works with the office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education to provide information and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services (EAD)
Student Health works with the EAD to provide assessments for students with disabilities and/or other special needs.

University Counseling Center
Student Health partners with the Counseling Center to provide mental health services for students who require long-term care.

Academic Deans
Student Health will work with Academic Deans when a student’s prolonged illness may interfere with class work, or if medical leave of absence is necessary. Medical excuses are not routinely provided to professors. Student Health will also work with Academic Deans when an illness might involve an entire classroom (e.g., illness spread by close contact).