Skill Development

Work/Life Connections-EAP offers a number of workshops that are currently available for departmental functions. The goal is to provide stress resilience skills, support faculty and staff in balancing their work and personal lives, and increase the awareness of our programs and services. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of your department and your target population. To arrange a presentation for your department or group (or to discuss a topic request), contact Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327.
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Dealing with Upset People

In our business, we work with people who are sick, hurt and often scared. Because of this, people may become upset with us. Usually problems encountered are not the result of intentional actions we take. They are often the result of communication deficits, system problems, or red tape encountered which the customer is not equipped to handle. Here are some helpful tips when dealing with an upset person at work: