What to Do When an Employee Comes to Work Sick

If you think the employee has one of the following conditions, ask the employee to wear a surgical face mask and report to Occupational Health as soon as possible.
 Chicken Pox
 Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
 Pink Eye (mask not needed)
 It is recommended that people not be in the workplace when they have a fever and respiratory symptoms. You should let your employees know this recommendation and encourage them to use sick time when appropriate.

Verifying Compliance

Please note: this process only applies for supervisors who need to view the compliance of their staff. If you're looking for your own personal compliance record, please visit the Health & Wellness Information Portal. Supervisors can monitor compliance with the programs below using the VUMC Immunization Compliance Report in Tableau.

What to do When an Employee Calls in Sick

If your employee is out more than 3 consecutive days, or plans to be out that long, notify the employee that the condition might qualify for FMLA. The FMLA request and approval process includes medical certification in which the treating provider provides appropriate documentation to HR of the individual's severity of illness. Other than FMLA documentation, please do not request doctor's notes for sick time use. A doctor's note is not required for an employee to use sick time and will not change whether the absence counts as an occurrence.