VU Cost Center Change in iLab Request

Please use this web form to add, edit, or delete a VU Cost Center from iLab.

IMPORTANT: This form cannot be used to update VUMC Cost Centers. Please contact your VUMC department administrator for assistance.

Please submit one form per VU Cost Center Update.

Enter the lab member's name. If you are requested the number of behalf of the PI, enter the PI's name.
This form cannot be used to update VUMC Cost Centers. Please contact your VUMC department administrator for assistance.
Cost centers require 10 digits.
iLab requires a spending limit for all VU cost centers. The amount entered is not intended to be the actual amount of charged for core services. It is is only a ceiling on what could be billed over the course of time. No funds will be encumbered. Charges will only be billed for services actually rendered. Consider setting a higher amount to prevent any delays in requesting core services or reservations.
The VU Cost Center will need to be activated in each VUMC core site you plan to use. Please list all applicable groups, and we will complete the activation at the core level. To review a full list of VUMC core groups, visit
Please provide your name. We will confirm by email once the VU cost center has been updated in iLab.