VU Billing Number Change for use in VUMC Core Groups (iLab & VUMC C.O.R.E.S.)

Please use this web form to add, edit, or delete a VU Billing Number for use in VUMC Core Groups.  

IMPORTANT: This form cannot be used to update VUMC Cost Centers. Please contact your VUMC department administrator for assistance.

Please submit one form per VU CoA or POET number.


NOTE: Due to the SkyVU transition, we are no longer able to activate 10 digit VU cost centers as the funds are no longer valid.


This form cannot be used to update VUMC Cost Centers. Please contact your VUMC department administrator for assistance.
VU CoA Number
CoA Numbers should include periods. Example: 110.05.11000.5411.
Enter your full CoA number including periods. There should be a total of 33 characters (including periods). Example: 110.05.11000.5411.
VU POET Number
POET numbers the POET number followed by a period and the task number. Example: GC_604513.10
Enter your POET number followed by a period and the 1-5 digit task number. Example: GC_604513.01
Enter each lab member's name. If you are requesting the number on behalf of the PI, enter the PI's name.
The VU Billing Number (CoA/POET) will need to be activated in each VUMC core site you plan to use. Please list all applicable groups, and we will complete the activation at the core level. To review a full list of VUMC core groups, visit ****.
Remove a VU Billing Number
Please provide your name. We will confirm by email once the request has been processed.