VU Billing Number Change for use in VUMC Core Groups (iLab & VUMC C.O.R.E.S.)

VU Billing Number Change for use in VUMC Core Groups (VUMC iLab System)

Please use this webform to add, edit, or delete a VU Billing Number for use in VUMC Core Groups.  

IMPORTANT: This form cannot be used to update VUMC Cost Centers. Please contact your VUMC department administrator for assistance.

  • Please submit one form per VU CoA or POET number.
  • Due to the SkyVU transition, we are no longer able to activate 10 digit VU cost centers as the funds are no longer valid.

We typically process all requests in 24-72 business hours. Once the VU billing number is activated, it can be used in any VUMC core group available in the VUMC iLab system.

Request Type:
VU Billing Number Details
This form cannot be used to update VUMC Cost Centers. Please contact your VUMC department administrator for assistance.
Is this a VU CoA Number or POET Number?
VU CoA Number
Enter your full CoA number including periods. There should be a total of 33 characters (including periods). Example: 110.05.11000.6250. The fourth segment of the CoA should represent the account code applicable to core charges. The following two options are allowable: 6250 - Research Core Charges 6265 - Animal Care Expenses (DAC use only)
CoA Numbers should include periods. Example: 110.05.11000.6250.555.
VU POET Number
Enter your POET number followed by a period and the 1-5 digit task number. Example: GC_604513.1
POET numbers the POET number followed by a period and the task number. Example: GC_604513.1 NOTE: The only valid task number for a POET number associated with a grant or contract is a 1.
Lab Members Selection:
Do you want all lab members to access the billing number when requesting core services?
Lab members must have an active iLab account to see the VU billing number.
Enter each lab member's name. If you are requesting the number on behalf of the PI, enter the PI's name.
Remove a VU Billing Number
Additional Comments:
Requestor Information:
Please enter your vanderbilt email address.
Please enter in your information in this section. We will confirm by email once the request has been processed. Our team may also need to contact you if there are any questions regarding this form submission.