The Academy of Career Mentors, comprised of active MD basic research surgeons/physician-scientists, serves to mentor SCRIPS Scholars at all levels by providing opportunities ranging from mentored research opportunities in their labs to informal career advisement.

The Academy of Career Mentors includes the following esteemed Physician-Scientists:


Surgical Sciences

Daniel Beuchamp, MD

Naji Abumrad, MD

Seth Karp, MD

Colleen Brophy, MD

Mayur Patel, MD



Rachel Kuchtey, MD, PhD

Milam Brantley, MD, PhD



Justin Turner, MD, PhD

Young Kim, MD, PhD



Jon Schoenecker, MD, PhD



Rick Peek, MD

Keith Wilson, MD

Robert Coffey, MD


Pulmonary/Critical Care

Tim Blackwell, MD

Anna Hemnes, MD

Julie Bastarache, MD

Pierre Massion, MD

R. Stokes Peebles, MD

Lorraine Ware, MD


Peds Cardiology

H. Scott Baldwin, MD



David Harrison, MD

Dan Roden, MD


Interventional Radiology

Reed Omary, MD

Dan Brown, MD



Warren Sandberg, MD