Rachana Nitin

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Rachana grew up in Mumbai, India, and went to St. Xavier’s College for undergrad where she studied Zoology and Biochemistry. After graduating, she spent a year in Ontario working with Dr. Stephen Lougheed in the Molecular Ecology Lab at Queen’s University. She completed her Master’s in Zoology at Pune University in India and immediately after began work with Dr. Himanshu Sinha in the Complex Trait Lab at TIFR, Mumbai. She then returned to the US in 2015 for her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt. Rachana’s specific areas of interest in research are the genetics of disease, public health, and botany. In her free time, you’ll find Rachana spending time in the kitchen, listening to crime podcasts, painting, or in a dance class hosted at Vanderbilt! She has played the piano for 15 years and enjoys classical, electronica, and classic rock music.


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