Lab Discography

Within the Music Cognition Lab, we are all connected by our love of music! Some of our previous and current lab members are musicians themselves. Click on the links below to listen to some of their tunes!


Click here to listen to some of our music!

Musicians within the Music Cognition Lab!

Person's Name Role in Lab Musical Accomplishments
Dan Gustavson Staff Scientist Composer, Singer/Songwriter
Peyton Coleman Research Analyst Singer/Songwriter in Mellow Bird
Noah Fram Post-Doctoral Fellow Musical Playwright
Julie Mazzone Speech Language Pathologist Recording Artist
Mari McCarville Undergraduate Research Assistant Classical Flautist and Cellist
Allison Aaron Speech Language Pathologist Singer
Scott D. Blain Undergraduate Research Assistant Piano Performer
Sara Beck Ph.D. Student Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter
Michaela Walker (Novakovic) Undergraduate Research Assist Arranger, Harpist
Kelly Corcoran Social Scientist Conductor