Communication and Play Intervention for Young Children with ASD

We invite parents/caregivers and their child with ASD (12-36 months old) to participate in an intervention study to support children’s imitation, communication, and social skill development. Children will participate in weekly play-based intervention sessions (2-3x/week for ~10 weeks) with a therapist based on Reciprocal Imitation Training (RIT).

Participants receive up to $150 in gift cards. The child receives intervention sessions at no cost.

Intervention sessions involve music and non-music play-based interaction activities.



Participants will be asked to:

  • Complete questionnaires about themselves and their child
  • Child participates in 10-15 weeks of intervention sessions 2-3 times per week with therapist
  • Attend study visits before and after the intervention program
  • Child completes a movie-watching activity

Flyer for Communication and Play Intervention