Master's Students

  • Ashley Boyne

    Master's Student, Child Studies (Peabody College)

    Ashley is in her second year of her master's program at Peabody College, where she is studying Child Studies on the Clinical and Developmental Research track. She is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, which is where she completed her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. In the lab, she is currently working with Camila to explore the relationships between parents' musical engagement with children, social comfort, and language. Outside of the lab, she likes playing the violin, reading, spending time in nature, and game nights with friends!

  • Meiyu (Emilia) Chen

    Master's Student, Cognitive Psychology in Context

    Emilia Chen is pursuing her first year in the Cognitive Psychology in Context program at Peabody College. She graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Art History. She is currently working in Appraisal, Stress, Coping, and Emotion lab with Dr. Craig Smith. Her research focuses on integrating Appraisal Theory with Confucian philosophy to create a comprehensive framework for exploring stress coping and resilience in multiple cultural settings. Her research interests center around stress buffering and affective regulation, aiming to develop interventions for atypical populations. In her free time, she enjoys reading, piano playing, and photography.