Research Areas

Our lab houses two research groups: 

RHYTHM, LANGUAGE & GENETICS GROUP - directed by Dr. Reyna Gordon

Our Rhythm, Language & Genetics Group is an interdisciplinary team focused on exploring the role of rhythm in language development and disorders from behavioral, cognitive, neural, and genetic perspectives. Our research examines the relationship between rhythm and grammar skills in typical development and developmental language disorder, the neural mechanisms underlying rhythm and grammar skills, the genetics of language disorders, and how musical training can improve language skills.

MUSIC & SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT GROUP - directed by Dr. Miriam Lense

Our Music & Social Engagement Group focuses on the development of rhythmic entrainment and the relationships between music and social communication and engagement in individuals with and without developmental disorders. Research themes include the role of rhythm in social communication and engagement, modulation of emotion and arousal levels via musical experiences, parent-child musical engagement experiences, and atypical sensory processing and musical engagement in individuals with developmental disorders, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Williams syndrome.