Lab Interns & Visiting Students

  • Lily Bronson

    Psychology and Viola Performance Major, Oberlin College & Conservatory

    Lily Bronson is a third year undergraduate student at Oberlin College & Conservatory, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. Passionate about music’s intersection with all areas of life, Lily’s work at the lab includes projects focused on how music relates to health, language, and emotion. In her free time, Lily enjoys running, making coffee and tea, and connecting with family and friends.

  • Tara Henechowicz

    Ph.D Candidate
    Visiting Student (University of Toronto)

    Tara Henechowicz is a Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience (Music and Health Science) at the Music and Health Science Research Collaboratory at the University of Toronto where she is the recipient of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship. With support from a scientific research grant from the GRAMMY Museum Foundation, Tara’s dissertation focuses on collecting and analyzing genomic data of musicians and non-musicians to examine the genetic overlap of music, motor, and brain traits. In addition to genetics, Tara is passionate about the field of music cognition and neuroscience and she has published in research on the topics of Neurologic Music Therapy, performance kinematics, and neurorehabilitation. Prior to her doctoral studies, Tara received her M.A. in Music and Health Science with a certificate in Neuroscience and Bachelor of Music with Honours, Specialization in Music Theory, Music History major, and Psychology minor from the University of Toronto. Tara is a visiting student at the Vanderbilt Music Cognition Laboratory for 2022-2023, where she is collaborating with MCL members on analyzing neurogenomics data. Tara’s visit at Vanderbilt University is supported by the David and Marcia Beach Summer Study award and the SGS Research Travel Grant.