Our Research Studies

Coming Soon! Stay tuned for new studies on parent-child play and music-based parenting programs for families of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers!
Contact us at SocialMusicResearch@vumc.org to receive more information.

1. Parent-infant study for caregivers and their ~4-12 month old infants. Families participate in play sessions involving singing, stories, and toy play. One time study visit at Vanderbilt.

2. Parent-preschool study for caregivers and their 3.5-5 year old children. Families participate in toy play, music, and/or arts activities. One time study visit at Vanderbilt.

3. Coming soon: Parenting Programs! Contact SocialMusicResearch@vumc.org for more information.


Prior studies conducted in this Research Lab include:

  1. Music-based social engagement telehealth and in-person intervention (ME-RIT) for young children with ASD and their parent/caregiver, a telehealth and in-person intervention study to support children's imitation and social skill development Note: not currently enrolling
  2. National questionnaire study of music engagement, social development, and emotional well-being in children and their families including those with developmental disabilities, medical, and mental health conditions Note: not currently enrolling
  3. Virtual Mindfulness-Based Music and Songwriting Program, a 6-week online mindfulness-based music and songwriting program (MBMS) to target stress and promote well-being for parents of children with intellectual/developmental disabilities or severe chronic illness. Note: not currently enrolling
  4. Waitlist-control pilot study of the SeRenade (Social and Rhythmic Engagement) Program, a community-based music program that integrates parent training and peer inclusion within a musical play context to impact social and emotional well-being in families of children with and without ASD. Note: not currently enrolling