Loving Kindness Song and Meditation

Loving Kindness involves unconditional kindness or warmth toward ourselves and toward others. We are often able to recognize loving kindness for others; it it just as important to practice it toward ourselves. Loving Kindness phrases can serve as anchors for our awareness, providing a focus for what we need to hear or recognize in that moment. 

Listen to the Loving Kindness Song:

Get ready by breathing in and out and bringing to mind another living being who makes your smile -- a child, partner, friend, pet.... As the song begins, focus on the words of the song as you hear them. If you find your mind wandering, notice that and return to the lyrics and music. Notice any feelings of warmth that may arise. Following the lyrics, focus your attention on your loved one; on imagining yourself with your loved one; and then finally on yourself, recognizing that you too are deserving of Loving Kindness. As you are ready, you might try singing along to the Loving Kindness phrases as the lyrics repeat.