In the coming weeks, the ExpeditionTech Team will begin rolling out PrinterLogic to identified groups for simplified printer mapping and printing.

PrinterLogic FAQ

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+What is Managed Print?

Broadly speaking, this concept aims to bring all of an organization's output devices (copiers/printers/faxes) into a single management structure.

This allows the best efficiency in purchasing and placing devices and helps drive down the overall cost per page.

+What is PrinterLogic?

The PrinterLogic app and the PrinterLogic Self-service Portal are available on your workstation and provide quick access to printers in your area.

+Does PrinterLogic replace Smart Printing?

Yes, but gradually. The University has converted completely to its CampusPrint and has exited from SmartPrinting.

However, there will still be a pool of these machines left in the Medical Center.

Existing procedures should still be followed on the remaining SmartPrinting devices.

Eventually, these will fade away as they reach or exceed lease-end and are replaced by Managed Print or are simply removed.

+What is the difference between the PrinterLogic Self-service Portal and the PrinterLogic “desktop client?”

The PrinterLogic Self-service Portal will be the “go-to” for those workforce members who work on shared machines, on a CWS, or a virtual machine.

For those workforce members who have a stand-alone administrative machine, the client will be downloaded to your workstation for a more robust experience.

Enterprise Managed Print Migration

+Will the PrinterLogic initiative replace all printers and scanners at VUMC?

No. eStar printers and scanners are not a part of the PrinterLogic initiative.

Getting started with PrinterLogic

+How can I find my printer?

The menu in the upper right corner of the Self-Service Portal provides quick access to printers so that you can set a specific printer as your default, delete a printer, or to view the printers you currently have installed on your workstation.

find printer image

+What if I can’t find my printer in PrinterLogic?

If your printer is not in the PrinterLogic listing, it is likely that it is being used by the eStar system.

Printers and scanners located in eStar will not be visible in PrinterLogic.

+How do I add a new printer to my workstation?

From the Self-service Portal, you can easily install new printers on your workstation.

  1. Simply search for the printer in the search box, or use the “Tree View” on the left side of the screen to navigate to your printer’s location, then:
  2. Click on the city, state, then building, and floor.
  3. Once you have selected the printer floor, click on the desired printer from the displayed list.
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to install the printer. Select “Yes.”

add printer image

+How do I set a default printer in PrinterLogic?

The printer you set as the default printer is the automatic "go-to" printer your workstation will use for printing.

You can set the default printer either through the Start Menu > Printer Installer > Set Default Printer or by right clicking the Add Printer icon in the System Tray and then selecting ”Set Default Printer.” 

default printer image

+How do I delete a printer from PrinterLogic?
  1. In the Start Menu under PrinterLogic, select “Delete Printer.”
  2. When the “Select a printer to delete” window appears, select the printer you want to remove and then click “Delete Printer.”
  3. Similarly, you can right-click the ”Add Printer icon” in the System Tray and then click “Delete Printer.”
  4. Just as with the Start Menu, select the printer you want to remove, and then click “Delete Printer.”

Please note: If your administrator has a printer set up to be automatically deployed to your workstation, then even if you delete the printer from your workstation, the next time the client checks in with the PrinterLogic server, that printer will be re-installed on your workstation.

If you require removal of the printer from your workstation, request removal from the administrator by submitting a Pegasus Self-Service ticket or contact the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (615-343-4357) and provide your computer name (located on a yellow label), and printer name as it appears in the Delete Printer modal window.

delete printer image