Dual Identity

What is a dual identity?

Some faculty members and staff members have affiliations with both Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University. If you are employed by either VUMC or VU and require access to systems owned by both, you are a dual identity user and you will have two VUnetIDs and two email accounts. Your usernames are different, and you must set a password for each username.

Dual identities have individual login credentials and email accounts that provide access to each organization’s applications and systems.

VUMC Login Prompt                                                            VU Login Prompt

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Where to get assistance

VUMC Virtual Private Network Information

How to claim a Manual Account Creation account 

Configure and Manage your Outlook Profile

What does it mean to have two identities?

Having two identities means that you have access to applications owned by both Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University. You will use your VUMC VUnetID to access Medical Center applications and your VU VUnetID to access university applications.

  • How to request dual identity status

    If you require a second VUnetID for either Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt University Medical Center, contact your supervisor to submit the following request form for both new IDs and extension requests.

    Requests are allowed from the following groups.

    • VUMC faculty members
    • Principal Investigators
    • VSAs
    • Departmental admins

    If you need to request dual identity and do not fall into one of these groups, please contact your supervisor.

    Dual Identity Request through Pegasus

    If you fall into a group listed above of those who can request dual identities, please submit a Pegasus Ticket for the employee who needs Dual Identity. The request form can be submitted for single requests and multiple (upload of an Excel file required).

    What to Expect After You Submit a Dual Identity Request

    If you are a VUMC employee requesting VU access, please see the VU Identity - New Users page for information on how to claim your ID once your Pegasus ticket has been completed.

    If you are a VU employee requesting VUMC access, please see the AccessVU - New Users page for information on how to claim your ID once your Pegasus ticket has been completed.

  • What about my email?

    You will receive an additional email address. The new email address represents your additional identity. You will have a Medical Center (@vumc.org) email address and a university (@vanderbilt.edu) email address.

    Managing Multiple Email Accounts

    To manage multiple accounts, users are encouraged to use Microsoft Outlook or other email clients that support multiple simultaneous email accounts.

    VUMC-Employed Faculty Email

    For more information on VUMC-employed faculty email, please consult the https://www.vumc.org/it/facultyconfigure for details on how to configure and manage your Outlook account.

  • When should I use my Medical Center VUnetID?

    Use your Medical Center ID (your VUMC VUnetID) to log in to all clinical applications. If you are an employee of the Medical Center, your login to C2HR is your VUMC VUnetID. 

    When should I use my university VUnetID?

    Use your university ID (your VU VUnetID) for applications that are tied to the university, such as Brightspace, YES, VSTAR, and a host of other student- or university-related applications.  If you are an employee of the university, your login to Oracle is your VU VUnetID.

    What happens if I use the wrong VUnetID for an application?

    One of three things may occur:

    • The application will likely not allow you to log in.
    • The application will let you log in as a new or guest user with no reference to your other identity.
    • The application may allow you to use it with erroneous results.

    If you encounter any of these situations, log out and log back in with the correct VUnetID.

    What if an application acts strangely?

    If you are experiencing a problem logging into an application and have confirmed you are using the appropriate VUnetID, contact the Help Desk. VUMC IT and VUIT are trying to identify and remedy all applications that do not support the dual identity community, but there are thousands of applications and the team may not be able to capture all potential issues.

    VUMC IT Help Desk – 615-343-HELP / 3-4357, or submit a Pegasus Ticket (https://pegasus.mc.vanderbilt.edu/ess), indicate that you are a dual identity user and explain the issue.

    VUIT Help Desk – (615) 343-9999 or email it@vanderbilt.edu

    What happens if an application logs me in automatically with the wrong login?

    This may happen that when you have logged into one application, and that same authentication is used by another application. In cases where this happens to you and you find that the login to the second application is incorrect, make sure to log out and log back in with the correct VUnetID. If you continue to experience problems, contact support.

    VUIT Help Desk – (615) 343-9999 or email it@vanderbilt.edu
    VUMC IT Help Desk – 615-343-HELP / 3-4357, or submit a Pegasus Ticket (https://pegasus.mc.vanderbilt.edu/ess), indicate that you are a dual identity user and explain the issue.

  • If I have dual identities, will I need two ID cards or badges?

    Existing ID cards/badges for your primary institution should continue to work for access.

    A white VUMC ID card/badge (for identification purposes only – that does not contain a magnetic stripe or chip) will be considered by the VUMC Office of Faculty Affairs on a case-by-case basis for faculty members of the School of Medicine and School of Nursing.

    About the IDs

    The Medical Center ID badge is printed on white cardstock with identifying information. It contains a magnetic stripe and chip to allow additional services, such as Badge Bucks (formerly the Commodore Card), application and facility access.

    The university ID card is printed on gold cardstock with identifying information. It contains a magnetic stripe and chip to allow additional services such as Meal Money, Commodore Cash, as well as application and facility access.

    VUMC Card Services (615) 936-3350

    VU Card Services (615) 322-2273

    How do I know if I need a second ID card or badge for my non-primary institution?

    VUMC-employed faculty: TBD

    VUMC employees who are VU students: If a VUMC employee is also a student, a separate student record will be created by People Soft Student in the card system, and the VU Card Office (184 Sarratt Center) will issue the VUMC employee a VU gold student card.

    VU students: VU students are not eligible for a VUMC badge.

    VU students who are employed at VUMC: VU students will obtain a VUMC student worker badge that does not contain a magnetic stripe or RFID chip from the VUMC Card Office.

    VU faculty: VU faculty will submit a request to the VUMC Card Office (S2311 MCN). The Card Office will forward the request to the Office of Faculty Affairs for review. Once reviewed, the Card Office will contact the faculty member with the Office of Faculty Affairs’ decision. If the request is approved, the faculty member will receive a VUMC white badge for identification purposes only.

    What if an ID card or badge does not work?

    If your ID card or badge does not work, consult Card Services.

    Consult the Medical Center Card Office, (615) 936-3350
    Consult the University Card Office, (615) 322-2273

  • If you have forgotten your VUnet ID or password, you will need to go through the re-authorization process.  VU ID (VU VUnet ID) is the username that allows you to access all Vanderbilt University-related systems (e.g., Brightspace, Online Grading, YES) and will link to your @vanderbilt.edu mailbox.

    Click here for step by step instructions.

    Note: These instructions are for resetting your password through Re-authorization in association with claiming your VU VUnet ID on a desktop computer or laptop.