Support Services

VUMC IT offers specialized support services in the following areas: 

  • The Clinical Application Support Team (CAST)  provides Tier 1 Clinical Help Desk functions to triage, sort, prioritize, and route support requests to appropriate VUMC resources.

    CAST also provides Tier 2 operational application support for eStar, My Health at Vanderbilt, Mobile Heartbeat, Responder V, POU, and QuizTime to support VUMC patient care, education, and research. 

    How can I get Clinical Application Support?

    Submit a Pegasus Ticket to the Clinical Application Support Team (CAST) team.

    Please provide the following information to expedite your issue:

    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Location nearest the device being reporting
    • A brief description of your problem

    (If you issue is with eStar, please contact your eStar Clinician Champion and Representative.)

    If follow-up calls or escalations are necessary, please provide the service call ticket number when inquiring about the issue. Tickets will typically start with the letters: SD, IM or R0, followed by a series of numbers.

    If the Clinical Application Support Team is unable to resolve your Pegasus submission, we will escalate your ticket to Incident-Level and assign it to the appropriate group.

    Please keep the following in mind when you are reporting an issue: 

    • If the issue is patient-care related, the priority will be marked as High or Critical which will warrant a page alert to the workgroup.
    • If the Incident is radiology-related, the priority will be marked as High which will page the workgroup.
    • All other Incidents will be marked as low priority.
  • NTT is our Enterprise technical support team. They are responsible for our first line of support for all general information technology help requests, as well as specialized support in identified areas. Every month, the NTT Help Desk responds to:

    • over 3,000 incidents
    • an average of 21,000 communications (email, phone, self service tickets)
    • more than 1,000 hardware and software requests 

    The NTT Maintenance team also performs quarterly maintenance on all WoW Carts and Kiosks, shared iPhones, critical Zebra printers, EPIC Scanners, and Business Continuity Access (BCA) workstations.

  • Partner Support assists customers in the following work areas: Collaboration and Skype (with Helpdesk and Voice Services), Identity, HR and Security (VU Registrar and VSA Administrators), as well as other requests including Card Office assistance, University and Enterprise Affiliates, Staff, VUIT, and App Development. 

    Partner Support is responsible for Dual-Identity support requests, and works closely with approvers at both organizations to facilitate Sponsored Accounts. 

  • VUMC IT’s contracted vendor for document and multi-function print hardware support is RJYoung; Label printers are supported by NTT Data.

    For Printer Incidents (i.e. "something is broken"), please submit a ticket through Pegasus or call the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (4357).

    For Printer Requests (i.e. "install, move, add, and/or change"), please see the common service options to the right in the section called "Helpful links".