Managed Print


VUMC has selected RJ Young as our new Managed Print Service vendor beginning August 1, 2022.  

  • There are no changes to normal printing workflows or processes. 

  • The implementation will begin with an in-person, comprehensive review of all VUMC IT managed print devices by RJ Young representatives, including replacing current service tags.   

  • All support requests will continue through Pegasus or via the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (4357).   


Vereco is our vendor for purchasing printers. Because our printer vendor name has changed names several times, you may see machine labels that say Auxilio, CynergisTek, or the current name, Vereco. (BTW, the pronunciation is ver--eck--oh.)


In the coming weeks, the ExpeditionTech Team will begin rolling out PrinterLogic to identified groups for simplified printer mapping and printing.

The enterprise print team enables 22,000,000 print jobs every quarter for over 6,500 document printers and over 1,400 label printers at VUMC.