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Legal Documents Every Family Caregiver Needs

As a family caregiver, you are responsible for taking care of your elderly loved one. This includes providing assistance with activities of daily living like eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, and other household chores. Family caregivers should be sure to have in place legal documents important to the lifelong care of the elder. Having access to important legal documents will help make caregiving easier for family caregivers. The most common legal documents that every caregiver should have are:

Vanderbilt Home Care Services

Vanderbilt Home Care Services offers a variety of skilled and non-skilled services to meet the needs of the clients and their families at home or in the hospital. We provide private duty services that include nursing, home health aides, companion care and inpatient sitter services 24 hours a day. For more information visit the Vanderbilt Home Health Care Services website or call 615-936-0336.

Stress Busting The Holidays

The winter holiday season is a time of stress; both good and bad. The anticipatory activity before the events can be followed by a whiplash of emotional post-holiday letdown when it is all over. The result may be feeling frazzled. Sometimes the simplest of things becomes the most precious. It is a time that we often postpone our regular self-care efforts and may over do it. Here are some Seasonal "Stressages" (stress-busting messages) to help us cope with the festivities.


Adoption is one of the most unselfish acts a birth parent can make for a child when the birth parents, for whatever reasons, are unable to raise the child themselves. It is never an easy decision. It is never without pain. Putting a child’s welfare ahead of one’s own feelings is a true act of love. Adoption means placing a child legally and permanently with a family who will raise the child as their own. In some cases the birth parent(s) select the adoptive parents whom, depending upon their mutual, wishes they may or may not actually meet.