Stress Busting The Holidays

The winter holiday season is a time of stress; both good and bad. The anticipatory activity before the events can be followed by a whiplash of emotional post-holiday letdown when it is all over. The result may be feeling frazzled. Sometimes the simplest of things becomes the most precious. It is a time that we often postpone our regular self-care efforts and may over do it.

Here are some Seasonal "Stressages" (stress-busting messages) to help us cope with the festivities.

  1. Keep an optimistic "attitude of gratitude." The holidays aren't about perfection.
  2. Take some quiet time for yourself in the midst of the activity flurry.
  3. Stay active. Get your exercise to feel better and maintain routine.
  4. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep when you can. Holiday cheer can be exhausting.
  5. Maintain moderation in your party food intake. It tastes so good but can take so long to lose those extra pounds.
  6. Restrain your impulses to buy beyond your means. We must budget our resources (money, time, and energy) according to our values.
  7. Value those around you. The holidays are a great time to be reminded of how much your friends, colleagues, and family mean.
  8. Nourish your social connections. Reach out through cards, e-mail, texts, visits, or calls. Remember the annual holiday update that used to come in the card. Sometimes the simplest of things becomes the most precious. It's okay to use pre-prepared foods and use the extra time to enjoy being with the people you care about.
  9. Organize your desired activities and obligations so that you can make the most out of the season.

Remember, it is not how much stress you have, it is about how well you cope with it.