Elective Away Rotations

The Office of Graduate Medical Education will consider Away Rotations for House Staff as approved by the Program Director as part of the educational training program. Advance planning is necessary for all the items that must be in place prior to an away rotation. All items must be in place in advance of the away rotation. It is advised not to book airline flights or make other financial commitments related to away rotations until all items below are in place as confirmed.

Additional information about Elective Away Rotations for Program Coordinators and Directors is in the Program Coordinator Manual.

U.S. Elective Away Rotations

  • Register rotation on the GME - Away Rotation Management System
  • Approval Letter from Program Director outlining Educational Goals and Objectives, Institution Name and Location, Rotation Dates.
  • Contract between VUMC and Receiving Institution (request initiated by program 90 days in advance via PEER system. PEER Contract Submission Guide. PEER System. Contract checklist.)
  • Professional Liability Coverage (send email to Trish Craft with PD approval attached and she will contact Risk Management)
  • Authorization for Travel (within department – GME does not need this)

International Elective Away Rotations

In general, as above for US Elective Rotations. Contract initiation should occur 6 months in advance of planned international experience (notice of less than 6 months may not provide adequate time for contract to be completed).