House Staff Advisory Council

The Vanderbilt House Staff Advisory Council (HSAC) meets monthly and is composed of representatives from each clinical department. Matters of hospital policy that impact the house staff are discussed and information is disseminated through monthly minutes. Any issue pertaining to your house staff experience can be referred to and discussed by the Council.

Members of the Council serve as house staff representatives on most of the Standing Committees of the Hospital Medical Board as well as on House Staff Advisory Council committees. The Council annually sponsors the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Research Forum and selects the recipient of the Grant W. Liddle Award.

House staff are represented on several committees within the Medical Center. Each committee is established to focus on a particular area of the Medical Center, and the actions of each committee impact house staff every day in some way or another. Involvement in these committees allows residents/clinical fellows to bring a house staff perspective to the business at hand and lets your voices be heard