Please see this Department of Health webpage for information about the Controlled Substances Monitoring Database (CSMD) and the Prescription Safety Act.

Note: This process must be done 1 to 30 days after your start date. Registering with TNCSMD requires a Social Security Number, an NPI Number, and a state-issued driver's license or identification card number (any state).  If you don't have one or more of these on your start date, register as soon as you do (must be within 30 days of your start date). 

Registering with TNCSMD (Tennessee Controlled Substances Monitoring Database)

  1. Look up the VUMC DEA# and your four-digit suffix on the House Staff Portal.
  2. Register at the link below using the VUMC DEA # (In the "DEA Number" field enter the institutional DEA number without the four-digit suffix, then enter only your suffix in the "DEA Suffix Number" field)
  3. Choose "Resident/Fellow or Veteran's Affairs Practitioner" in the "Job" drop down.
  4. Complete the form, using
    • a phone number and address where you can receive patient information (not the GME Office)
    • your own email address
    • all digits (including any leading zeros) of your driver license in the "Driver License" field
    • the state where your driver license was issued in the "ID issuing state" field.

CLICK HERE then click "Register" to register with TNCSMD.  (Pathology residents/fellows - use "Hematology & Oncology" for the "Specialty Care" field.)

Any questions about the database can be addressed to