Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Cardiothoracic Fellowship

The overall mission of this one-year fellowship program is to provide specialty training to radiologists in the field of cardiothoracic radiology.

Roughly half of the fellowship time is spent studying cardiac imaging with different modalities, including computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with the rest of the time focused on lung imaging, including chest x-rays, Chest CT and high-resolution CT imaging. The curriculum may be tailored to allow emphasis in areas of interest.

In addition to the core responsibilities, the fellowship allows up to six weeks of elective time, and can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. In the past, fellows have used this time for dedicated research projects or short rotations in other sections within the department. This time can be taken in blocks or distributed throughout the year. Depending on the interest and long-term goals, the elective time duration can be negotiable.

  • Thank you for your interest in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship.

    All fellowship interviews will be virtual. Please reach out to the fellowship team if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your application. 

    Please send all documents (application, CV, personal statement, transcripts, USMLE board scores, three recommendation letters) to:

    Jodi Solem
    Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship Program
    Department of Radiology & Radiological Sciences
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    1161 21st Ave. South
    Medical Center North
    Suite CCC-1118
    Nashville, TN 37232-2675
    Phone:(615) 875-1885

    Unfortunately we are unable to accept applicants with J1 or H1B visas at this time.

  • Fellowship trainees have a primary appointment with GME and a secondary appointment as a Clinical Instructor within the Department of Radiology.

    As a non-accredited (ACGME) fellowship, there is an opportunity to develop increasing responsibilities and independence. In addition, there is a generous benefit package with a book/meeting allowance and a 403b retirement plan.

    In-house moonlighting is an option, though not required, and can be advantageous to maintain skills in other subspecialty areas.

  • Fellows are required to attend many clinical and research conferences throughout the year. Conferences vary by the rotation, but several overlap with multiple rotations. Major conferences requiring attendance include:

    1. Weekly cardiac catheterization/nuclear medicine /CCTA correlation conference (every Wednesday at 7a.m.) [CTA, CMR, Nuclear Cardiology]
    2. Weekly Thoracic Tumor Board [Pulmonary Radiology] (every Tuesday at noon)
    3. Twice-Monthly Pulmonary Didactic Noon Lecture [Pulmonary Radiology]
    4. Monthly Chronic Interstitial Lung Disease conference (last Thursday 3 p.m.) [HRCT]
  • Night and weekend call in the cardiothoracic section to be determined.

  • Cameron Henry MD

    Cameron Henry, MD

  • Opportunities for clinical or basic science research are available to fellows through the Department of Radiological Sciences. Participation in basic research can be accomplished in collaboration with faculty from the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Sciences.

  • Multispecialty Electives

    Our optional elective program is fully integrated with the other subspecialties within the department of radiology. Our fellows can spend up to six weeks rotating in the following sections:

    • General Outpatient Imaging (including fluoroscopic procedures if desired) 
    • Musculoskeletal Radiology 
    • Neuroradiology 
    • Abdominal Imaging 
    • Pediatric Radiology 
    • Nuclear Medicine  
    • Breast Imaging

    The rotations are scheduled in one-week blocks which are distributed throughout the year. They are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the fellows to maintain skills in general radiology in preparation for private practice.


    Optional in-house moonlighting opportunities alongside Vanderbilt Radiology Nighthawk faculty and on-call residents in the ED in 5 to 10 p.m. swing shifts.

Cardiothoracic Fellowship Program Director & Faculty