Faculty Development Programs

The Department of Radiology has developed a variety of programs in order to invest in the long-term leadership development of our faculty. Our programs are designed to support our faculty during every stage of their career. We also host single-event workshops and development courses throughout the year.

Our Programs
  • Catalyst Program: The Catalyst Program is designed to establish, promote and support collaborative research between our research and clinical faculty members. Three funding awards will be granted each year to teams with at least one VUIIS basic science faculty and one Radiology clinical faculty, and for newly created research projects without previous collaboration. All Radiology faculty are eligible to apply for a funding award through this program. Learn More

  • Creative Leadership Program: All early-career faculty are invited to our Creative Leadership program during the first few years as Vanderbilt Radiology faculty. The goals of this program are to provide tools and resources and to build connection between our newest faculty members. Learn More

    • Lunch & Learn Series: Monthly meetings covering a wide-range of leadership topics including: Launching Your Academic Career, Well-being, Providing Feedback, and more. Topics vary year-to-year to best meet the needs of that year’s class.

    • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring: As a continuation of the Lunch & Learn series and to further develop connection throughout the department, after completing the Lunch & Learn Series faculty are paired with a faculty member in the following class to serve as a peer mentor during the academic year.

    • Community & Connection Gatherings: To foster community and new connections among our newest faculty, social events are hosted at the start of each year's program. The events bring together current and past classes. 

  • SPARK: SPARK is designed for mid-career (Associate Professor level) faculty to learn something new with the intention of bringing their experience back to the department. Learning opportunities can be anything the faculty feels would allow them to enhance their career, and department. Applicants will be asked to "pitch" their idea during a department event, and three or more faculty will be chosen each year. Learn More