Innovation and Clinical Research

The Department of Radiology is committed to innovation and clinical research as a long-term strategic priority. We encourage creativity and entrepreneurship as a means of supporting our mission.

Our Leadership

Jake Block, M.D.

Dan Brown, M.D.
Vice Chair of Innovation and Clinical Research
Director of Interventional Oncology
Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

Our Programs
  • Catalyst Program: The Catalyst Program is designed to establish, promote and support collaborative research between our research and clinical faculty members. Three funding awards will be granted each year to teams with at least one VUIIS basic science faculty and one Radiology clinical faculty, and for newly created research projects without previous collaboration. All Radiology faculty are eligible to apply for a funding award through this program.
Publications and News

  • Radx Innovation Challenge: The Department of Radiology’s healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship challenge to create solutions to unmet needs in health care
  • Innovation Seminar Series: A department sponsored seminar series focused on topics of innovation
    • May 25, 2017: H. Benjamin Harvey, M.D., J.D., Radiology's Brave New World: Innovate or Perish
  • Enterprise System Design Alliance: A partnership between the Department of Radiology and Vanderbilt's School of Engineering

Project PI Timeline Involved Trainees Open Role(s) Skill Set Needed to Support 
Cryoablation Zone Modeling Dan Brown 2020-present Bill Winter Not currently Image selection/coordination with Electrical Engineering
Christian Nguyen
Chemoembolization Database Dan Brown 2017-present Shelby Frantz Med Student Data entry in RedCap
Rad Residents Chart Review
PET CT Y90 Dosimetry Dan Brown 2020-present Spensor Workman Maybe TBD
  • 2018 VICC Ambassadors Breakfast
  • 2018 VICC Ambassadors Breakfast
  • 2018 VICC Ambassadors Breakfast
  • 2019 VICC Ambassadors Breakfast
  • 2019 VICC Ambassadors Breakfast