Research Awards Administration


Research Awards Administration

Welcome to the Research Awards website.  This site contains a range of information to assist with locating funding resources for research and where training opportunities are available at Vanderbilt.  In addition, specific sections are devoted to support grant submissions and progress report procedures for the department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology.  Please make a selection from the options below.

What's New in Grants and Awards?

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    For information and links to internal funding sources available at Vanderbilt, use this link.  The Vanderbilt funding sources listed here include:  Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training (BRET), Office of Corporate Relations, Office of Foundation Relations, Vanderbilt Institute of Clinical and Translational Research (VICTOR), Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Office of Research (OOR).

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    The "External Sources" webpage contains links to leading sources of grant funding offered outside of Vanderbilt and various grant support "search" websites.  Included links include National Institute of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), American Heart Association (AHA), Proposal Central and many more.

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    FIND FUNDING:  Resources for Students and Postdocs

    Connect with funding opportunities for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.  This page contains links to leading sources of grant funding offered outside of Vanderbilt and various grant support websites.  Included links include National Institute of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), American Heart Association (AHA) and more!!


    If you are interested in submitting a grant application, please contact Karin Sack (343-4880) and/or Alethea Kelly (322-5217) for information on Vanderbilt's procedures and for any questions you may have about completing grant applications



    You can contact Candice Stevens (2-9801), Lauren Milam (2-7366), and/or Leigh Thompson (5-9939) for information regarding award balances and other grant-related financial reporting issues.

    • Grants are awarded to the institution instead of directly to the PI.  The funding agency typically notifies the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the PI at the same time.
    • IRB / IACUC:  OSP and the Department of Finance assist with getting the IRB / IACUC approval documents completed.  For NIH grants, the IRB / IACUC protocols are completed during the Just in Time submissions.  For other grants, the IRB/IACUC protocols may be completed when the award notice is received.
    • The department post-award contact works with the Department of Finance to set up center number(s) (also called cost centers) and the budget for the award.  The post-award contact also provides assistance with managing research funds, financial compliance issues, and final financial status reports.

    The BRET office offers workshops and seminars for students geared toward career development. See the Seminars page for more information. The BRET office also has a monthly series put together by Postdocs and PhD students on career options for scientists. See the PhD Career Connections page for a current schedule of events.


    Vanderbilt has developed an institutional compliance policy to maintain high standards of ethics and integrity in research and education.  Among the many issues it covers is the disclosure of conflicts of interest and the institutional policies that govern the reporting and handling of potential and existing conflicts of interest.

    A training presentation in PDF format is available for PHS investigators in the grey box at the right on the Compliance Program website.

    PLease also refer to Vanderbilt's full Compliance Policy


    The Clinical Research Center offers regular workshops to assist with building research skills.  Topics include REDcap, IRBshare and more.  Check the workshop schedule for regular updates.


    If you or your lab produces work that involves an exchange of ideas, technology or materials with a foreign entity, there may be U.S. Government regulations and restrictions that can affect the transfer of technology, information, materials that you need to exchange. The Export Compliance office can help you make sure you are compliant with these laws, and protect you and Vanderbilt from government penalties. The Export Compliance office offers regular training and information sessions (time and location posted on the main page of their website in the grey box on the right).

    For more information about export laws that may affect you, check out the Export Compliance website.


    The Office of Animal Welfare Assurance (OAWA) training coordinator can provide education for the following:

    • IACUC Policies
    • Animal Welfare Education
    • Animal Protocol Writing
    • Animal Handling and Procedures

    Visit the IACUC website.  Then click on the IACUC/OAWA link.  Log in required.  Valid vnet code and password are needed for reveiew of content.


    The IRB not only approves human subject protocols, but is also a source for additional education for research involving human subjects.  The IRB website provides a link to the CITI training website.  You can also register for a series of VHRRP Essential workshops


    OCM offers pre- and post-award research education and training programs for faculty, staff & students. 


    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) require that everyone involved in research funded by these sponsors must be trained in the responsible conduct of research (RCR). Vanderbilt RCR program is designed to meet these requirements for students, faculty and staff.


    VEHS provides a wide-range of training to promote the safety of laboratory personnel, including biological safety, radiation safety, laser safety, chemical safety, environmental protection and hazardous waste, and more.

    Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development (VPRAD)

    VPRAD is an intensive training course that covers the basics of research administration in Vanderbilt operations.  Emphasis is placed on providing attendees with information geared to facilitate ethical financial management, research integrity and compliance, an understanding of the grants and contracts process, managing clinical trials, fundamentals of animal and human subjects, exploring career development, and much more.  Many of the lectures are provided by guest speakers from departments throughout the medical center and university.

    Please contact Sam Gannon ​(615.322.3359) for more information.

  • The Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training (BRET)

    Check out the Office of Career Development page at BRET for job hunting advice, career counseling, and more.

    Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CTTC)

    "To provide professional commercialization services to the Vanderbilt community, thus optimizing the flow of innovation to the marketplace and generating revenue that supports future research activities, while having a positive impact on society."

    We accomplish this by serving as an efficient and effective conduit for the transfer of promising intellectual property to industry; contributing to regional economic development by licensing locally and supporting new venture creation; and encouraging greater collaboration between academia and industry."

    For more information, go to the CTTC website

    Clinical Research Center (CRC)

    Vanderbilt Clinical Research Center can provide resources needed by clinical and translational investigators for their research objectives.  As a component of the Vanderbilt Institute of Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR), CRC offers free facilities and services including outpatient space, inpatient beds, laboratories, equipment and supplies to support clinical research.  In addition CRC can also serve as a resource for teaching medical, graduate, and other multidisciplinary students.

    For more information, please go to the CRC website.

    Clinical Trials Center (CTC)

    The Clinical Trials Center is designed to assist researchers with the implementation and management of clinical trials.  Services can be provided for industry-sponsored, investigator-initiated or federally funded clinical research.   The activities CRC offers may include study feasibility, IRB preparation, data management and much more.  Please see the CTC website for more details.

    Core Facilities

    Vanderbilt operates an extensive range of core facilities and shared resources throughout the medical center.  The Cores Facilities give investigators access to advanced, specialty services and high-tech shared equipment.  The Cores are managed by the Office of Research.

    For more information on individual research cores and shared resources, please go to the Cores website.

    Export Services

    Export compliance applies to "any controlled oral, written, electronic or visual disclosure, shipment, transfer or transmission [inclusing] commodity, technology or software code" that is being transferred "outside the U.S to anyone including U.S citizens" or "to a non-U.S individual or entity wherever they are located."

    Failure to comply with export regulations can be costly to the individual if discovered (up to $1,000,000.00).   For assistance with navigating export laws and procedures, please contact the Vanderbilt Export Compliance (VEC) office and visit the Export Services website.


    Lab Quick Reference

    This lab reference guide is designed to support laboratories in PMI with resources and contact information on a variety of topics including eProcurment, VEHS, lab start-up and close-out procedures, and more.

    Lab Quick Reference

    Office of Contract Management (OCM)

    The Office of Contract Managment is the division of the Office of Research that handles research and non-research contracts for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Their services include processing, negotiation and management of contracts and other professional agreements. Please visit the OCM website for more details.

    Research Procurement

    If you are new to a lab or looking for more information on how to ensure you’re getting the best information on how to spend valuable research dollars, visit the Research Procurement site (VUnet login required). There you will find information on:  Discounts for New Labs, Who is Your Dedicated Research Purchasing Agent, extensive FAQ’s, what to ask when getting Quotes for Equipment, Supplier Buying Matrix, Supplier Information Page including discount information and cut-off times, Research Procurement News, and More!

    Research Support Services (RSS)

    Research Support Services is a division of the VICTR program (see below).  For research involving human studies, RSS is set up to offer research support free of charge. They can offer expert consulting services to investigators with grant and publication revisions through Studios, and other assistance with research.  They can also help with patient recruitment for studies through the Research Match system.

    For more information, visit the RSS website.


    Vanderbilt Institution of Clinical Translational Research (VICTR)

    The VICTR website provides information on resources available for human related/translational research.  Resources available through the VICTR program include the Clinical/Translational Research Center, Studios, Expert Consults and more.

  • Candice Stevens

    Administrative Officer, Operations

    Phone: 2-9081, Room C-3314 MCN,

    Candice is the team leader and supervisor of the grants management team.  She works directly with faculty on financial management of grants, development funds, research rewards, and other unrestricted accounts.

    Lauren Milam

    Research Awards Manager

    Phone: 2-7366, Room A-5213A MCN,

    Lauren works with Candice on the post-award grants processes and contracts.  Lauren will help monitor financials and prepare monthly and ad-hoc financial reports for faculty.

    Karin Sack

    Grants Manager Pre-Award

    Phone: 3-4880, Room A-5302 MCN,

    Karin is the point person for all PMI grant and contract pre-award submissions.  She will be actively involved in the grant submission process and monitor the required submission schedules. 

    Alethea Kelly

    Budget/Accounting Analyst Pre-Award

    Phone: 2-5217, Room A-5302 MCN,

    Alethea works with Karin on the pre-award grants processes and is also actively involved in the grant submission process.  

    Leigh Thompson

    Budget/Accounting Analyst Post-Award

    Phone: 5-9939, Room A-5213 MCN,

    Leigh supports the post-award team with financial management, reporting and recordkeeping.