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Alice Coogan - Department Interim Chair

A Message from the Chair:

Welcome to the Department of Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This website will give you a glance at our complex, multi-faceted department. We are proud of the cutting-edge research carried out by our faculty and trainees. The work ranges from basic science investigations in microbial pathogenesis, immunobiology and cancer biology to clinical and translational research defining the current and future practice of pathology. Our highly regarded educational programs include a highly sought after residency program in anatomic and/or clinical pathology, PhD granting graduate programs in microbe-host interactions and molecular pathology and immunology, and abundant opportunities for clinical or postdoctoral research training. We also now offer a highly innovative course for undergraduate students at Vanderbilt. Finally, we take great pride in providing state-of-the-art pathology services to the patients of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and beyond.


PMI Seminar Series

Fall 2022 Schedule

Next Seminar:

PMI Seminar


This week:

Monday, September 26

  • PMI Seminar - 12:00 pm - LH 202
    Emily Balskus, PhD

    “Using systems biology and single cell omics to unravel the molecular mechanisms driving cell-cell communication and host-pathogen interactions”
  • Special Seminar - 12:00 pm - Zoom - See the PMI Calendar for more info
    Benjamin Kang, PhD
    “Challenges and Opportunities of NGS-based Genetic Testing for Inherited Disorders and Neoplastic Diseases”

Tuesday, September 27

  • VI4 Seminar - 10:30 am - LH512
    Nicholas C. Zachos, PhD

    “Reconstructing epithelial-immune responses to enteric microbes using human intestinal enteroids”
  • Special Seminar - 12:00 pm - Zoom - See the PMI Calendar for more info
    Natalia Liu, MD

Wednesday, September 28

  • MHI Journal Club - 9:00 am - MCN A5221
    Aaron Howard
  • Surgical Pathology Unknowns - 12:00 pm - Zoom - See the PMI Calendar for more info.
    Brent Sterling, MD
    “Approach to Ovarian Frozens”
  • Pathophysiology Journal Club - 1:00 am - RLH 412
    Heather Hartmann

Thursday, September 29

  • Special Seminar - 12:00 pm - Zoom - See the PMI Calendar for more info
    Nicolas Lopez-Hisijos, DO
    “Predictors of adverse clinical outcome in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Richter transformation of CLL/SLL”
  • Molecular Pathogenesis Trainee (MPT) Seminar - 1:00 pm, MRBIII 1220
    Emilie Fisher (Rathmell Lab)
    Kathleen McClanahan (Olivares-Villagomez)

Friday,  September 30



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